Balance and Gait Training

What is Balance & Gait Training?

In many cases people develop gait/walking abnormalities due to balance difficulties, previous surgery or injury. A biokineticist can evaluate and identify the cause of the abnormality and prescribe a tailored treatment plan.

We take great care in identifying muscle length deficiencies, presence of pain and weakness in specific ranges of movement. Clinical testing tools are used to give you feedback that is objective and legible on paper. We track your progress and make sure that the treatment is effective to save your time and money.

The Process

The treatment starts out with an evaluation session that usually takes about 45 to 60 minutes.
This session includes taking medical history, special tests, subjective scoring sheets and clinical outcome measures to define the severity and outline of the problem.

An exercise treatment plan is then prescribed (available on digital format with videos) and you decide from there how many contact sessions are needed. We are flexible because we know that people have different needs and budgets.
Your Biokineticist will discuss with you the details of your treatment plan and make recommendations on the best way forward for your individual circumstances.

Reduce pain and increase strength.