DNA Testing For Fitness and Nutrition 

dna testing for fitness and nutrition

How Can DNA Testing For Fitness & Nutrition Help You?

DNA Testing For Fitness & Nutrition is to determine your sensitivity to various macronutrients and specific exercise. By taking this DNA test you will know which types of macronutrients to focus on interims of eating or avoiding them. For example, someone sensitive to carbohydrates will need to watch their intake. On the contrary someone sensitive to polyunsaturated fats must focus on getting more of that to improve their health. Interestingly the test also tells you how you handle stressors and whether you should be focussing on eating more protein rich foods and using exercise to boost dopamine levels, avoiding those slumpy days where you feel overwhelmed and “out of it”.

A finger prick is all you need, and this is done in the consulting room by the biokineticist. The sample is sent away to the laboratory and the result take up to 14 days to reflect.
Visit the DNalysis website for more information at DNalysis.co.za.

dna testing for fitness and nutrition

Increase Your Strength and Performance.