Exercise For The Elderly and Frail

Exercise For The Elderly

What Is Exercise For The Elderly and Frail?

Biokineticists are the best qualified healthcare professionals when it comes to Exercise For The Elderly and Frail. Our profession revolves around overcoming obstacles you might face in your road to ageing healthy and being as able as you possibly can.

We consider previous surgery, current injuries or aches and pains, your current level of activity and how to bridge the gap between your current health status and the best possible functionality you can have. We have a passion for experiences populations.

The Process

The treatment starts out with an evaluation session that usually takes about 45 to 60 minutes.
This session includes taking medical history, special tests, subjective scoring sheets and clinical outcome measures to define the severity and outline of the problem.

An exercise treatment plan is then prescribed (available on digital format with videos) and you decide from there how many contact sessions are needed. We are flexible because we know that people have different needs and budgets.
Your Biokineticist will discuss with you the details of your treatment plan and make recommendations on the best way forward for your individual circumstances.

Exercise For The Elderly

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