Gwyneth James

Interesting Fact:
My first ever flight -at the age of 14- was a total of 16+ hours from Cape Town to Beijing. I was chosen as a representative for South Africa at an Operation Smile ISLC.  

I was born in Welkom but raised in Cape Town from the age of 2. I was at a very small school for the whole of my school career and obtained my AS and A Levels. In my grade 11 year, I went on a 6-week student exchange to Germany which was a massive privilege and adventure. After school I went over again for 3 months to travel and visit various family members.  When I started at Rhodes University, I was not sure of what I wanted to study, but my passion for people and interest in the human body led me to pursue Biokinetics. I have since hopped from town-to-town between the Western and Eastern Cape as my studies and opportunities have led me.  


  • BSc with distinction in Human Kinetics & Ergonomics
  • BSc Honours in Human Kinetics & Ergonomics 
  • BSc (Med) Honours in Biokinetics with distinction

Studied at:
Rhodes University
University of Cape Town
Nelson Mandela University

Key achievements

  • Grade 12 Student Council
  • Awarded the Nelson Mandela Award
  • Obtained AICE Diploma with Merit
  • Dean’s List for the Faculty of Science (2015 & 2016)
  • Top Second Year Student in Nelson Mandela Hall
  • Golden Key Member
  • Obtained Academic Half Colours at Rhodes University
  • Appointed Deacon in a local church

Whatever you do, Give it your best


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