Discovery Vitality Testing & Wellness Days

discovery vitality fitness test & Wellness Days

Need A Discovery Vitality Fitness Test & Wellness Days?

Our practice is registered with Discovery to perform Vitality Fitness Assessments on the Wattbike or Treadmill. We also perform the Vitality Health Check at wellness days held throughout the year. If you ae taking beta blockers (medication that slows the heart rate down) then you can only perform the Wattbike assessment since Power is used as the main indicator of Cardiorespiratory fitness and not heart rate as in the treadmill test.

The Process

Brokers can contact us for wellness days at their respective business premises. All equipment is supplied from our side and bookings are made through the broker. A great way to offer complimentary benefits to your clientele or attracting new clients.

discovery vitality fitness test& Wellness Days

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