jj greyling

jj greyling

I grew up in the Eastern Cape (Queenstown) in an agricultural town that shaped my core values and beliefs. I spent many afternoons with my grandmother admiring her way with frail people in the nursing home. She was a nurse by profession but I wat too squeamish for the job so I decided to take an easier medical route and study biokinetics. Key achievements Member of the golden key honorary society for students, Finished 2nd in my class at university completed a master’s degree in human Movement Science, Founder of JJ Greyling Biokineticists Inc. Studied at: Nelson Mandela University (Port Elizabeth) https://cxbio.co.za/jay-jay-greyling/

Exercise is Medicine – South Africa

Exercise is medicine, see how we use exercise as medicine.

The idea that one can use exercise as a form of medication can be quite foreign to some. However, this is at the heart of the Biokinetics philosophy (life through movement). Biokineticists are, after all, exercise specialists. In this blog,…

What Is Biokinetics?

What is biokinetics?

Detailed description of Biokinetics: Biokinetics can be explained as life through movement. Bio means life and kinetics refers to how that life (human) moves. It is the medical profession that deals with fixing problems related to movement. This includes injury,…